Stifel Bank & Trust became part of the Stifel family in April 2007.  Since then, the bank has grown in products, expertise, assets, and innovation.  Stifel Bank is a cohesive team of entrepreneurial-minded professionals dedicated to serving clients and the community at large.

Lending Products:


Catering to the needs of your clients, Stifel Bank can enhance relationships through its Stifel Pledged Asset (SPA) Line of Credit that provides liquidity to clients without cashing out assets.  Clients are able to use the line of credit as cash while retaining all of their assets, including the ability to buy, sell, and take dividends, as long as minimum asset requirements are met.

SPA-LOC is another securities-based lending product, offered in conjunction with a mortgage loan.  A SPA-LOC is a line of credit that works just like a SPA loan, but typically the funds are used to lower the down payment needed for a mortgage, reduce the principal balance to conforming loan limits, or consolidate multiple mortgages or other debts into one.

The collateral for the SPA loan or SPA-LOC are non-qualified securities in your client’s Century account.  Securities-based loans are non-purpose, which means they cannot be used to purchase securities or investments or pay margin debt.


Stifel Bank provides mortgage loans to clients all across the country: New York to L.A. and Alaska to Hawaii.  Whether your clients need to purchase or refinance a starter home, waterfront condo, family home, or vacation property, a diverse array of loan programs is available to meet virtually any need.

One dynamic point of the bank’s success is its low rates.  Typically, Stifel Bank can provide an equal mortgage at a notably lower rate than most competitors.  And this is done with a strong commitment to customer service and no junk fees or unnecessary charges.


Take advantage of great rates with a Stifel Bank & Trust VISA® Credit Card.  Maximum Rewards card provides 1 ½ points for each dollar spent.  The Platinum card has a very competitive rate, and the VISA® Signature card offers additional concierge services and no pre-set spending limit.

Most folks are inundated with credit card offers in the mail.  It just makes sense for you and your clients to carry a Stifel credit card – especially with such great rates and rewards!

Trust Services:

Stifel Trust Company, N.A. is a seasoned team of professionals who truly understand how to provide trust services hand-in-hand with Century Financial Advisors.  Stifel Trust offers full-service Trustee, Co-Trustee, and Investment Management services for individuals seeking to establish a Trust and those currently serving as Trustee.  Special Needs Trust and Charitable Trusts, as well as ILIT Trusts can be managed by Stifel Trust.


Benefits For Your Clients — Through Stifel Bank & Trust, your clients can benefit from the convenience of receiving a full range of lending solutions in addition to the investment services they currently receive, all through a single source.

Benefits For You — Simply put, Stifel Bank & Trust will enable you to provide an integrated approach to your clients’ finances, servicing every aspect of your clients’ financial picture. Whether it be investing for long-term goals or providing lending resources to meet short-term needs; offering an expanded range of financial solutions will enable you to strengthen your relationships and serve them more completely.

Since no additional licensing or registrations are required for you to provide these services, the process could not be easier. Once you’ve identified a client’s need, our partners at Stifel Bank & Trust will handle all of the details.